Free Time?

It’s funny how when I first started this blog I thought I would have a whole bunch of free time to write.  So wrong! I have literally sat around trying to decide which do I want to sacrifice more, sleep or a blog entry. No I am not saying this to be dramatic, but rather to point out that I have to make choices daily between doing things that spiritually are uplifting and doing activities that aid in survival. The more I think about and experience various effects of poverty the more I want to scream at people who say poor people are lazy and do not do anything to advance themselves! *Shakes fist in air* Lay off people!

I know everyone at lots of points in their lives make choices between spiritually uplifting/enjoyable activities and healthy activities…but there is something different about it right now.  I can’t put my finger on it yet – but I felt the need to voice the opinion that there is a difference.  For it is in admitting and accepting the difference that we are able to move from competing with each other to empathy for one another.

More to come later. (So many topics to spin off of this – the Fight for Fifteen, living wages, cycles of systemic oppression, stereotypes of what it means to be poor, self-care, etc.)  I am choosing sleep for now.